Smart Office Suite (SOS)


Smart Office Suite (SOS) is an innovative, next generation software solution for automated smart office environment, which helps to convert typical office to a smart office environment. It allows its users to get their flow with ease and manage whatever comes their way with lesser pain. It also enables office workers to collaborate and work in new and more efficient ways.

SOS has cloud-oriented platform, which sends the data collected by sensors to the cloud. Along with this, it also includes remote monitoring of the organizations. IOT (Internet of Things) solutions assure any office with increased performance and delightful working environment while, enhancing efficiency. For a smarter and up-to-date management of business workflow, SOS provides RFID sensor technology, Internet, NFC and Biometric capturing technology in different types and various functions.

HawkEye 360


Eimsky introduces ‘HawkEye 360’, an automated employee, asset, material, floor planning and shipment planning solution for the apparel industry replacing traditional and inefficient methods of planning the human and material asset management aspects before the start of the operation. The solution helps to automate the current processes performed before the garment production operations.

This solution allows to track employees using RFID technology, to manage service lines and transportation and especially decision making, by providing real time information to relevant personnel and also to capture biological data of employees such as pulse rate through Bluetooth 4.0 Wearable Device in the future as this feature is in the roadmap of this module.

Smart Laundry Tracking System (SLTS)


Smart Laundry Tracking system is developed by Eimsky to automate and track the entire laundry cycle giving a vivid 360 view of the processes and the laundry items. When a RFID strip, made out of cloth is attached to laundry, the system gets to store many customer-related data, simply by scanning the RFID tag using a handheld RFID reader.

Next Generation Asset Tracking System(NGATS)


Next Generation Asset Tracking System (NGATS) is a software which is created to track the movement of Assets in the organization. The system can be configured to track the movement of any type of asset in the organization as per the requirement. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology which uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags play the most important part in this process.

RFID enabled tags are attached to each and every consignment.By using the technology, the user can track and view the movement of these items seated from one central location.